Thứ Hai, ngày 25 tháng 4 năm 2016

Jimmy Eat World on Taylor Swift: 'She is 100 Percent That Awesome'

Taylor Swift hearts Jimmy Eat World, and Jimmy hearts Taylor back. 

The Mesa, Arizona rockers are returning some good vibes after scoring a ringing endorsement from Swift when she dialed up the "The Middle" for her new Apple Music ad. 

"Oh my god I love this song, I used to listen to this in middle school!" she enthuses in the commercial as she plays the band's 2001 track (she proves her love of it too, with a memorable sequence of lip syncing and dancing).

It’s not the first time the two acts have crossed paths. And, yes, she's a totally awesome person, explains the band’s frontman Jim Adkins in an Instagram post.

Adkins reminisces of a time when Swift invited him to "sit in" to play “The Middle” when her tour stopped in his home state.

“I made a joke at soundcheck about how rising from the middle of the arena in smoke and lights wouldn't help any more people know who this dude with a guitar was,” he writes. “She chose the bridge of the song to stop and get the crowd to make me blush. Yes, she is 100% that awesome of a person you suspect she is.” The proof is there in the video.